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Sep. 20th, 2009

emchy antlers


ZOMG We Can Haz Video?!?!

Jul. 31st, 2009

necklaces (July 2007)



Here are just a couple of my photos from Junkstock. The full-size images and rest of the set can be seen here.

Vagabondage @ Junkstock

All Band Jam @ Junkstock

Jul. 26th, 2009

emchy antlers


Junkstock Review / Recap from Emchy

Well yesterday was the first ever JUNKSTOCK. A family friendly DIY music fest featuring junk bands, jug bands, saw playing workshops, make your own kazoo wackiness and way way more.

I must say making my way to the hard to find Marx Meadow by 11am was a struggle, but once I overcame that obstacle the day was a blast. Sure it was kinda cold and foggy, but welcome to summer in San Francisco. I made sure to take part in the saw workshop since I've been trying to learn and struggling but with some new tips I seem to be getting it a lot more now. I think a cheaper saw and more practice are totally in my future. The cigarbox guitars / mandolins seemed to be the most popular workshop but I didn't want to miss bands and so I just went over and watched that one now and then. People were surely rocking the spoons instruction though - it was like a 10 person spoon section for about an hour and it sounded crazy cool! i had wanted to try to make my own bagpipe but the instructor was giving too much information and I hadn't eaten enough so I left a little overwhelmed and with a lot more information about how to make a reed and DIY oboe out of a straw which was hella cool, but I just wasn't patient enough for the bagpipe. Sigh.

The bands were for me, the main highlight. Just Henry blew me away, Liquor Cake played my favorite victorian death song and I got to discover some new folks who caught in my heart like Drew Piston and The Goat Family. The Goat Family actually has a couple of indie filmmakers in their ranks and so I unexpectedly ran into a bunch of folks I know from there. SF is a very small world. 5 Cent Coffee and 1 Man Banjo of course blew me away - though I always want 1 Man Banjo to play Blue Fool and he never does... sigh. Vagabonage did well, got the folks rowdy and people were hella yay for us once we left the stage. We both lost our voices a bit - which is always indicative of a good show :)

The fest ended with a jam at the end for all of the musicians and anyone who had made or brought an instrument - and so we had a whole lotta folks rockin House of the Rising Sun junkband style. Hilarious and Wonderful Chaos.

I cannot wait for next year.

Jul. 23rd, 2009

emchy antlers


We're playing Junkstock on Saturday!

 The Junkstock kick off party and event will be held on Saturday, July 25th from 11am - 5pm in Golden Gate Park, at Marx Meadow. Junkstock is an absolutely FREE, family friendly event. Adults and kids can learn how to make a kazoo, sing a song, and more!

We will feature an acoustic stage with some of the Bay Area’s premier performers encompassing the vision that instruments, composition and performance come from, sometimes, unexpected places. Here's the schedule:

Noon – Just Henry
12:30 – Reverend and Missus McCubbin
1:00 – The Goat Family
2:00 – Liquor Cake
2:30 – Drew Piston
3:00 – Aesthetic Cling
3:30 – 5 Cent Coffee
4:00 – Vagabondage
4:30 – One Man Banjo
5:00 - Jam

The day will include scheduled workshops—take things out of your recycle bin and make your own instruments or make household or hardware store items sing (or clank whatever the case may be)!

Amy Zing - Learn to play the musical SAW!
Chris Callahan - Spoons! Learn to play percussion with your utensils.
Bryn Tucker - Tin Pan Mandolin construction
Megan Tucker - Fun and Easy instruments and songs for Children
Steve Tucker - Making instruments from plumbing parts
Holly Callahan - The Cup game, poly rhythmic percussion for kids (& Adults!)
Wayne Hagen- Learn to play the Jug!
Spitshine from 5 Cent Coffee - Make a drumset out of household junk or make and play a DIDDLEY BO!
Doodles LaRue from 5 Cent Coffee - Make a kazoo & learn to play it like Louis Armstrong!
Kelly McCubbin, The Ukulele Apocalypse - Old Time songs for Ukulele & other instruments.
Steve Tucker - Primitive oboes and bagpipes made from sticks and hardware store bits, and reeds made from plastic cups, dental floss and other fun trash!

Jul. 12th, 2009

necklaces (July 2007)


Vagabondage at the Junkstock benefit

Jul. 11th, 2009

emchy antlers


Yar we be playin tonight!

squee i get to perform again tonight
i am a lucky lucky gurl
this show should RULE - i am so excited about the other bands!!!

5 Cent Coffee will be having a fundraiser for Junkstock this Saturday July 11th at the Plough and Stars in San Francisco. Come support Junkstock and hear the musical stylings of...

5 Cent Coffee
Kelly McCubbin the Ukulele Apocalypse
Liquor Cake
Just Henry
and more!

$5 door (all proceeds go towards Junkstock 2009)

Vagabondage will also be playing at Junkstock on Saturday, July 25th -- a completely FREE event in Golden Gate Park!

Jul. 6th, 2009

emchy antlers


Coming this Saturday!

5 Cent Coffee will be having a fundraiser show this Saturday July 11th at one of our favorite venues, the Plough and Stars in San Francisco.  The cause is great, the lineup is great! Come support Junkstock and hear the musical stylings of 5 Cent Coffee, the Ukulele Apocalypse, Liquor Cake, Just Henry, Vagabondage and many more special guests. 

Details below!

Benefit for Junkstock!
5 Cent Coffee
Kelly McCubbin the Ukulele Apocalypse
Liquor Cake
Just Henry
plus special guests!

LIVE @ The Plough & Stars
116 Clement Street at 2nd Ave.
San Francisco, CA

Saturday July 11th


$5 door (all proceeds go towards Junkstock 2009)

Jun. 3rd, 2009

folsom 2005


Vagabondage at Maker Faire 2009

Be sure to catch Vagabondage and their friends at Big Gay Cabaret this Friday!

necklaces (July 2007)


REVIEW: Vagabondage - So Good It Hurts

From Off the Record:

I hate to say this, but their MySpace page sucks. Listening to the lo-fi recordings do not do justice to what this duo can do in a live situation.

John Flaw is the lead singer who also plays guitar on a few songs. His voice could turn a Christian Fundamentalist Republican into an activist for gay marriage. With Emchy on the accordion, the duo sounds like a stripped down Tom Waits. Let's back up even further, they're like Kurt Weill....no, like they just played The Gem in Deadwood and teleported to 2009 San Francisco.

Before I get too ha-ha, let's get back to John Flaw. His voice is phenomenal. When I saw them live he sang a song about ordering a burrito with no jalapenos...it doesn't matter what he sings about, it's his delivery, his absolute soul, that just nails it. The burrito song is a goof, they have others, so don't get the idea that lyrically they're a half-assed Dead Milkmen...no way.

Vagabondage is an absolute necessary fixture in the San Francisco music scene.

And to think they only came together about a year ago.

Check them out on Friday at The Dark Room on Mission Street.

Space 'em.

May. 8th, 2009

folsom 2005


Come to the Big Gay Cabaret!

What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a cabaret, old chum,
Come to the cabaret!

Kick off your Pride month with the queerest carnival celebration in town – the Big Gay Cabaret. Featuring accordions, gypsies, burlesque, bearlesque and more!

June 5, 2009
Doors 7:30 / Show 8:00
$5-15 sliding scale

The Dark Room
2263 Mission Street @ 19th
San Francisco, CA

Join the steampunk gypsy band Vagabondage and their cabaret comrades on June 5 for the queerest carnivale celebration in town – the Big Gay Cabaret.

Featuring burlesque from Lola Vauntz! Poetry and accordions from Nomy Lamm! The erotic delights of Bearlesque! Foot stomping rowdy heartbreakin' music from Vagabondage! and from deep in the heart of the Rust Belt, the ruckus-raising, storytelling, drunken little clown - Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet!

Come and enjoy an amazing array of fabulous performers making music and taking off their clothes and kickin it cabaret style in honor of Pride Month. The night is for anyone who is ready to get down and celebrate their queer family. All are welcome. Come rock out.


Steven Schwartz is not Andrei, but he is... BEARLESQUE

Nomy Lamm

An American singer songwriter and political activist. Lamm describes herself as a bad ass, fat ass, Jew Dyke amputee. She is also one hot shit accordion player and poet and will be woo-ing you all night!

Lola Vauntz

Lola Vauntz likes to think of herself as a semi-naked comedienne. Her witty and wacky burlesque performances have audiences not just wolf-whistling but also howling with laughter.

Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet

A train hopping, tough talking, sweet sounding, whiskey drinking accordion player from the Rust Belt, she's been known to charm people along every coast with her talents. She's only in town for a bit - so be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime show.


A musical duo from a past that never happened – Vagabondage will usher you into a realm of accordion, guitar, kazoo, hindsight prophecies, and phone calls from dead lovers on sultry nights. With flasks held high this duo of chronologically challenged musicians will sing you pirate shanties, murder ballads, carnivale vaudevillia, and your new favorite drinking songs.

Vagabondage has performed with the likes of Mark Growden, Humanwine, Donny Vomit of the Coney Island Sideshow, The Bad Mitten Orchestra, Victoria & the Vaudevillians, Amber Lee, Shovelman and more. Catch them in the Bay Area and on the West Coast at a rowdy cabaret near you!

Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band,
Come blow your horn,
Start celebrating!
Right this way,
Your table's waiting...
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