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vagabondageband's Journal

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Community for the rocktabular band Vagabondage
Called "an absolute necessary fixture in the San Francisco music scene" and compared to "a stripped down Tom Waits," Vagabondage is a musical duo from a past that never happened - one full of the hard roads and the dark roots of Americana. Featuring the barking mad vocals of John Flaw and the whiskey crooning of Emchy, Vagabondage will usher you into a realm of accordion, guitar, kazoo, hindsight prophecies, and phone calls from dead lovers on sultry nights.

With flasks held high this duo of chronologically challenged musicians will sing you pirate shanties, murder ballads, carnivale vaudevillia, and your new favorite drinking songs.

This community is for show announcements, tall tales, and ephemera of all kinds.

If you take video or pictures or record us or see us play - please post about it here. Thanks.